The Salesforce and Pardot Consultancy

IC Select
ic select


IC Select is a wholly independent organisation, which helps pension funds monitor, assess and select the most appropriate investment consultant or fiduciary manager for their scheme. This allows trustee boards and investment sub-committees to have confidence in the quality of their investment decision making and scheme governance.

IC Select also provides an investment consultant and fiduciary manager monitoring service to alert trustees to material changes in their adviser.


IC Select had been using Salesforce for over 10 years and wanted some help to relaunch it within their organisation. It was primarily used to hold static prospect, client and industry data and was largely disconnected from their sales process.

Use of Salesforce was mixed, with some users fairly experienced and comfortable with the system, and others who never used the system at all.

They knew Salesforce was capable of much more than they were using it for and were looking for help to discover what it could do for them, and to justify their continued investment.

  • Relaunch and embed Salesforce into their sales process, moving away from using spreadsheets to track pipeline and secured revenue
  • Migrate all users to Lightning for consistent use and to take advantage of new features
  • Provide a single place for all their reporting needs to allow them to monitor their KPIs through Salesforce dashboards
  • Integrate Salesforce with Outlook 365 to give visibility of all email and meeting activity associated with customers in Salesforce
  • Provide training for all users to ensure everyone was comfortable using the system
  • Determine the best Salesforce native project management solution to manage all aspects of their client work in Salesforce, not just track sales
  • Analysis of the current sales process and Salesforce setup to determine the best approach to implementing changes
  • Building out the sales process to align to internally understood stages
  • Implementing a ‘what next’ methodology to help keep Opportunities on track and embed out of the box task management for sales
  • Impact analysis and upgrade of all users to the Lighting interface
  • Creation of a comprehensive dashboard with underlying reports to track pipeline, secured revenue, outstanding tasks and other internal KPI’s
  • Configure Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync for all users with the help of IC Select’s external IT provider
  • Training all users on what was expected of them to help make Salesforce a success and how they could get the most out of the system
  • Vendor selection of project management tools that could integrate with standard Salesforce tasks. Presenting options and supporting IC Select in their decision and then liaising with the selected vendor during implementation

Cairies helped IC Select to relaunch the use of Salesforce within their organisation. It is now seen as an integral part of their business, with staff using Salesforce on a daily basis. The spreadsheets that were once used to track sales are gone, they have extended the use of Salesforce beyond sales, and are now able to justify their continued investment in Salesforce

ic select

Cairies were key in helping our company take the next step to grow and integrating Salesforce into our day to day life. They provide a professional, helpful and friendly service and would highly recommend to anyone looking to start using or to improve their use of Salesforce.

Ceri Tracey – Analyst