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The Bridge Salesforce Case Study

Working with The Bridge Community Project   Over the last few months, we have been working with a charity called The Bridge. They are passionate about improving the everyday well-being of the people of West Lothian by providing practical and relational support.   They offer a number of services, including...

Top Pardot Setup Considerations

Pardot Setup Guide –   Setting up Pardot may seem daunting when you first see the implementation guide. When rolling out Pardot, there are many points to think about as part of the process, but here are our top seven Pardot setup considerations.   User access Loading customer data Syncing...

Is it time for a Salesforce relaunch?

Are you considering whether Salesforce is still the right tool for your business?   Do you feel like you need to justify your investment in Salesforce and could be getting more out of it? Maybe it is time for a Salesforce relaunch? We offer a consultation service, reviewing your business...

Salesforce Implementation Playbook

Our Small Business Salesforce Implementation Playbook

At Cairies, we spend a lot of time helping small businesses implement Salesforce, where they previously had no CRM capabilities, and spreadsheets were used to operate business processes. We love the speed at which small businesses can make changes.  Often, we get them up and running with Salesforce in around...

cancer research case study

Worldwide Cancer Research Case Study

Purchasing the Salesforce Suite can be a big decision for any business. Many businesses find themselves having invested but not fully understanding how best to harness it's potential to provide a great return on investment. Here are a few things...
Pardot Health Check Tips

Top 5 Pardot Health Check Tips

Have you had Pardot for a while but don’t feel you are getting the most out of it? See our infographic below on our Pardot Health Check Tips. Pardot can do a lot more than sending out generic bulk emails. It is a powerful tool for emailing customers when using...

Salesforce SME

Helping our small business Salesforce customers during lockdown

Lockdown has been tough on everyone in some way or another. Here is how we’ve been helping our small business Salesforce customers through the lockdown. If you need any advice on how Salesforce or Pardot can support your ways of working, please contact us to see how we can help.

Improving Customer Feedback Salesforce

3 easy steps to increase your NPS rating using Salesforce

Recently a client of ours asked for help to improve their process for obtaining customer feedback. With a tool already in mind for gathering the feedback called Delighted, we helped to implement it, deliver it on time and improve their customer satisfaction process. Step 1 – Choose the right survey...

Salesforce Mailchimp Integration

Integrate Salesforce with Mailchimp

Have you recently bought Salesforce but want to continue using your existing Marketing Automation tool Mailchimp? We can help you integrate Mailchimp with Salesforce in a few easy steps. Then you can quickly pass your Salesforce leads and contacts to Mailchimp. Adding them to the relevant list to allow you...

The Salesforce & Pardot Consultancy

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