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Origin Fitness Case Study

Origin Fitness are an Edinburgh based company employing around 50 people across the UK, who create their own brand of free weights, accessories, flooring and functional training equipment. They have extensive experience within the fitness industry and have an in-house design team who provide a tailored gym design service to help organisations and businesses of all sizes to get the best results from their gyms and sport facilities.
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Origin, a long term customer of ours, approached us for help on how to obtain feedback from their customers on the gym installation journey they had experienced. Salesforce cases are used to support many processes at Origin, including gym installations, so customer feedback had to be visible, measurable and actionable from within the case on Salesforce.

There are lots of tools out there for measuring customer feedback. In our experience, not all of them integrate easily with Salesforce and some become rather expensive if they do. The team at Origin had already identified Delighted as a potential tool and asked us to engage with them to help implement a solution. After an initial call with the team at Delighted, we realised it would deliver exactly what we were looking for, and the service they provided throughout the implementation was fantastic.

Cairies Case Study Challenge



  • Set up a customer survey to gather feedback on the gym install process
  • Link the survey results to the case record in Salesforce, used for tracking the install
  • Follow up quickly with customers where there were any issues
  • Track customer satisfaction over time through Salesforce dashboards and reports
Cairies Case Study objective



  • Install and configure the Delighted Salesforce app
  • Set up the NPS customer survey question and fields
  • Develop some code to allow survey results from Delighted to be automatically linked to a case
  • Set up a survey dashboard and reports to track results
  • Implement a new process in Salesforce to follow up on any issues
Cairies Case Study solution



By formalising the customer feedback process, Origin were able identify pain points and make improvements to their gym installations. Through tracking the feedback against the case in Salesforce, they were able to have complete visibility of the customer record in one place, streamline their processes and further improve user adoption and return on investment in Salesforce.


If you’re considering a tool to engage with and get actionable feedback from your customers, then we’d certainly recommend Delighted. And if you’d like to hook that feedback into Salesforce, then we’d be delighted to help.

Cairies Case Study outcome


I wanted to get up and running with a survey tool quickly and without having to redesign our existing processes. We've worked with Cairies for a long time and because they know our business so well, I knew they could help us implement something effectively, without requiring a lot of my team's time.
The result was a simple, actionable process that allows us to formalise the valuable feedback we get from our customers.
Lesley Hepburn – Operations Director
Cairies Case Study Testimonial