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Get the Most Out of Pardot

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot is Salesforce’s automated email marketing tool, used to enhance lead generation and lead management for marketing and sales.


It is a powerful tool that allows you to put your customers on personalised journeys to engage on topics relevant to them at the right time, fostering relationships and trust in your organisation. It works seamlessly with Salesforce and allows you to drive efficiencies in your marketing activities through its automation features.


At Cairies, we can help you understand and benefit from this powerful tool, partnering with you to maximise your investment in Pardot.


Everyone’s need for Pardot is different, and our customers usually look to Pardot to help solve an initial pain point or use case. Here are some of the ways we help our customers manage their email marketing.


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Unified marketing and sales process

Unified marketing and sales process


Sometimes marketing and sales teams are disjointed. They may not communicate well and appear to operate independently.


Here are some of the business solutions we can help with
  • Design a joint marketing and sales process for leads
  • Establish criteria for marketing and sales qualified prospects
  • Automatically deliver qualified leads to sales


If you wish to improve your company’s marketing performance call us today to discuss what Salesforce & Pardot can do for you.


Targeted customer communication

Targeted customer communication


Not all customers are the same, so the journeys you put them on shouldn’t be either. Delivering relevant content by segmenting your customers is key to building your brand and trust in your organisation. We can work with you to show you how to target your customers using the data you already have in Pardot and Salesforce.


Here are some of the business solutions we can help with
  • Develop customer profiles to understand customer needs and pain points
  • Provide advice on implementing customer segmentation based on Pardot and Salesforce data
  • Design unique customer journeys for each customer segment


We can work with you to utilise and maximise the data you already have to target customers in a timely and personalised manner.


Track campaign performance

Track campaign performance


Pardot has standard reports that track email performance for measures such as opens, links clicked, unsubscribes and bounces. These reports can help determine how successful your campaigns are. By connecting the marketing activities of Pardot to sales data of Salesforce, you can start to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for each customer and campaign.


Here are some of the business solutions we can help with
  • Track and measure effectiveness of communications
  • Gain insight on user behaviour
  • Track campaign ROI


If you wish to improve your company’s marketing performance call us today to discuss what Salesforce & Pardot can do for you.


I want to reduce manual effort and automate my customers’ journeys!
I wish my marketing and sales team had an aligned approach.
I’d like to target specific segments of my customer base.
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland

Your Questions Answered

Am I ready for Pardot?

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot is a sophisticated tool, but only worthwhile investing in it if you are ready for it. What do we mean by that?


  • Do you know what business objectives you want Pardot to deliver?
  • Do you know how you want to segment and market to different types of customers?
  • Do you know what customer journeys you want to take your customers on?
  • Will you have the content available to support your customers’ journeys?


If you need help answering these questions, we can assist.

There are different versions of Pardot, which one do I need?

There are a few different versions of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot, but for small to medium businesses, the Growth edition should provide you with everything you need to get started.


If you want to use Google AdWords and attribute which keywords provide the largest return on investment, consider paying extra for this feature.


Pardot offers standard reports, but if you want to create customisable reports to obtain greater insight into your data, it’s worth considering buying the Plus edition that includes B2B Marketing Analytics.


If you want your sales teams to have greater visibility of customer engagement, then you may also want to consider Salesforce Engage, however this is at an extra cost per user.

Pardot seems expensive, is it better than other systems?

The benefit of using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot is that Salesforce and Pardot work together seamlessly. Their partnership allows you to view Pardot data from within Salesforce and use Salesforce data to help segment your customers. These two systems allow sales and marketing to work together on what constitutes a lead, agree on the customer journey and lead assignment processes that deliver sales-ready leads into Salesforce.

Why do I need a Partner to help me set it up?

Before you can use Marketing Cloud Account Engagement powered by Pardot, it needs to be configured to track customer activity, allow emails to be sent and integrate with Salesforce, therefore you may choose to use a partner.

What does a typical Pardot implementation involve?

The core aspects of any Marketing Cloud Account Engagement implementation include:


  • Technical set up – to allow sending of emails; tracking to see what pages your customers are visiting on your website and integration with Salesforce
  • Email campaign set up – branded email templates designed; creation of customer lists for email segmentation and set up of nurture campaigns in Pardot’s Engagement Studio
  • Importing customer data to create lists
  • Training of users


A basic implementation can take as little as 40 hours, cost around £3600, and be carried out in a few weeks. Implementation costs and timelines vary based on the scope and complexity and we work with clients to produce a realistic quotation based on their requirements.

What else should I know before buying Pardot?
  • You can no longer buy Pardot on its own as a standalone marketing tool. It can only be purchased with other Salesforce products.
  • The payment model is different from Salesforce – you pay on a platform basis, not per licence.
  • If you want custom reports, you need to pay extra for these.
How do I build loyalty and trust in my brand through email marketing?

Continue to build loyalty and trust in your brand by nurturing the relationships you have with potential customers and continuing to build on those with existing customers.


We can help to:

  • Create improved customer experiences through personalised and branded emails
  • Design nurture programs to send relevant emails at the right time to help build trust in your brand.
We have Pardot, but are not getting much from it and struggling to justify the cost.

If you feel like you need to justify your investment and could be getting more out of it, we can help.


  • We offer a consultation service, reviewing your business to understand how best you can use the software to your advantage.
  • We look at how you could be more effective and efficient to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.
  • We provide a written proposal of recommendations on what we think you could do to improve your current setup with estimated costs and an approximate timescale to complete them.
How do I take advantage of Salesforce data in Pardot?

Pardot and Salesforce are powerful tools but perform even better when used consistently together.


We can help you to:

  • Improve the sales team visibility of customer engagement in Pardot
  • Allow sales to leverage on brand email functionality to send Pardot emails
  • Use Salesforce data to send more targeted product related emails
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland

What Our Customers Say

“Cairies were key in helping our company take the next step to grow and integrating Salesforce into our day to day life. They provide a professional, helpful and friendly service and would highly recommend to anyone looking to start using or to improve their use of Salesforce.”
Ceri Tracey – Analyst
Cairies were instrumental in helping us set up and start using Pardot and expertly guided us through key integrations with Salesforce and our website. They’ve been a valued resource and we couldn’t have launched some strategic projects as efficiently or successfully without them.
Ricky Kealey – Digital Manager
Cairies helped us build and track our business development pipeline so we have better visibility of what is on the horizon. Having expanded our service offering in a short space of time, they have also been instrumental in ensuring our Salesforce CRM reflects our new service offering. They are professional, responsive and helpful and don’t speak in jargon. Highly recommended.
Megan Veronesi – Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Dream Escape customer review
The support that Andrew and Emma gave us when we were setting up Salesforce was invaluable. There was so much for us to learn and their patience with our team was amazing. They would always be available to assist us and took us through everything every step of the way, setting up so many useful templates to enable us to manage our database efficiently. They definitely went the extra mile! Thank you Cairies.
Sue Morris – Head of Marketing
Allergy UK
Emma has been an incredible help in our Pardot integration, providing us with invaluable advice and recommendations throughout. Cairies have worked with us through virtually every step of the integration and been professional and responsive all the way through. The training provided was comprehensive and very informative which has allowed us to roll out our new system seamlessly. We are grateful for Emma’s time and patience in helping us with our system and couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Lauren Gingell – Senior Data Officer
Redmill Group
Cairies helped us to fully automate our workflows and marketing via Salesforce. We have joined all the dots from other internal systems via API calls and integrations making Salesforce our central point of truth for all client, marketing, and financial data and when it works, boy does it work! I’m happy to report that Salesforce is no longer an enigma to us and in fact, is an incredibly insightful and powerful reporting tool but we couldn’t have got there without the support of Andrew and Emma. If you are looking at Salesforce as a Rubik’s cube that you can't solve then I would highly recommend you reach out to Cairies.
David Tait – Director
The team has valued working alongside Emma and Andrew on the implementation of our new salesforce system. They were able to explain more complicated IT jargon in a simple way, which ensured that the process from start to finish was very smooth. They were very responsive to any questions we had and were a joy to work alongside. We hope to work again with them in the future and we would highly recommend them.
Alan Davidson – Chief Executive Officer


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