Connecting your organisation

Get the Most Out of Salesforce

Salesforce is a fantastic platform for connecting all of the key data and processes of your organisation.


It allows you to have one place where people can find out everything they need to know about a customer, order, product, supplier, marketing campaign, sales pipeline – or anything else needed to help manage your organisation.


Achieving this one-stop-shop of data and processes doesn’t happen overnight, and we partner with our customers to help them build this platform, one step at a time.


Everyone’s Salesforce journey is different, and our customers usually look to Salesforce to help solve an initial pain point or use case. Below are some of the ways we help our customers manage their organisations today.


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It is our customers most common initial use case for Salesforce. Growing organisations need greater visibility of their sales information, and sales teams need a more efficient way to manage their pipeline and their time.


We help customers to
  • Bring multiple sources of prospect and customer data into Salesforce
  • Integrate Salesforce with their website enquiries and Email
  • Configure Salesforce to align to an agreed structured sales process
  • Build reports and dashboards to help them get the sales data they need
  • Train their sales teams and managers on how to succeed with Salesforce



Most of the customers we work with used to manage their customer service through a shared mailbox. Where they struggled to understand the volume of enquiries they were receiving, the status of each enquiry, and who was working on it. They had no way to report on the enquiries they were receiving from their customers.


We help customers to
  • Bring every customer enquiry into Salesforce using case management
  • Configure Salesforce to align to an agreed customer support process
  • Categorise enquiries to allow them to be dealt with and reported on appropriately
  • Build reports and dashboards to help them get the service data they need
  • Train their support teams and managers on how to succeed with Salesforce





For many of our customers, marketing resources are limited. So they look to Salesforce to help bring efficiencies to their marketing activities. Using Salesforce to help drive better segmentation, they can start to target specific groups of prospects and customers, moving away from the generic communications they used to send.


We help customers to
  • Transform static marketing distribution lists into segmented Salesforce records
  • Categorise Salesforce data to help it improve marketing activities and performance
  • Connect Salesforce to their chosen mass email tool, or send through Salesforce directly
  • Align marketing and sales data to help determine the return on marketing investment


For customers that require it, we also offer assistance with Pardot


Eliminate Spreadsheets

Eliminate Spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are the source of most organisations processes and data. Almost every client we’ve worked with had a ‘sales spreadsheet’, ‘order spreadsheet’ or an ‘invoice tracker spreadsheet’. Salesforce is a platform that allows you to replace these spreadsheets with structured, actionable data, and we love killing off as many spreadsheets as we can for our clients!


We help customers to
  • Customise Salesforce to reflect the data captured in their core spreadsheets
  • Build actionable processes in Salesforce around the data
  • Report on and visualise the spreadsheet data within Salesforce
  • Improve adoption by making Salesforce the source of key data
  • Achieve greater return on their Salesforce investment





For some of our customers, a system is already in place for managing critical data and processes – typically in the form of an order management system. Salesforce is introduced to help manage the sales and marketing activities, and a central requirement is to make Salesforce integrate with their existing systems.


We help customers to
  • Define the data flows around their key processes
  • Manage the touchpoints between systems
  • Carry out API development work to integrate Salesforce
  • Work with application providers to integrate Salesforce with their systems





A few of our customers use Salesforce for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). For some, this is through an appexchange application. For others, this is through the customisation of Salesforce to deal with purchasing, inventory and finance package integration.


We help customers to
  • Assess their ERP requirements based on Salesforce usage
  • Customise Salesforce to meet those requirements if possible
  • Evaluate potential ERP systems if required
  • Integrate Salesforce with their ERP system


We have Salesforce, but we’re not really getting much out of it and struggling to justify the cost.
There seems to be lots of options with Salesforce – but we’re not really sure what we need or where to start.
I want to be able to connect my business practices together to have a holistic view of my company.
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland

Your Questions Answered

Is Salesforce the right CRM system for my Organisation?

There are many CRM systems to choose from, so what makes Salesforce a good fit for your organisation? We use these criteria when helping customers who are considering Salesforce:


  • You want a system that can be shaped around how your organisation works – not change how you work to fit a system
  • You want a system capable of adapting to change quickly
  • You want a system that can scale easily as you grow
  • You want a platform that can continually improve your organisations processes
  • You want to embed CRM as part of your organisational culture
There are different versions of Salesforce. Which one do I need?

Trying to understand which edition of Salesforce your organisation needs can be difficult. There can be many things that influence the decision, but here is our high-level guide to help get started:


  • Essentials Edition – less than 10 users. No integration requirements. Simple workflow requirements. No need to control who can see specific data in Salesforce
  • Professional Edition – More than 10 users. Potential integration with other systems. Simple workflow requirements. Some control required over who can see specific data in Salesforce
  • Enterprise Edition – Integration with other systems. More complex workflow required. Granular control over who can see specific data in Salesforce. Potential custom user interface development


Most of our customers use Professional Edition, and it is a good starting point for most small to medium organisations.

What does a typical Salesforce implementation involve?

Rolling out Salesforce to your organisation will involve these types of activities:


  • Application setup – configuration for your brand, user permissions, products, mobile access and more
  • Processes – aligning Salesforce to the processes within your business
  • Data – bringing any existing data you may have into Salesforce
  • Reporting – building the key reports that give you insight into the data held in Salesforce
  • Integration – getting Salesforce to work with things like Outlook
  • Training – making sure your users know how to succeed with Salesforce


A basic implementation can take as little as 40 hours, cost around £3600, and take a few weeks. Implementation costs and timelines vary based on the scope and complexity, and we work with clients to produce a realistic quotation based on their requirements.

Do I need a partner to help me set it up?

Getting things setup and embedded correctly from the very start is so important to the overall success of Salesforce in your organisation. Partners are experts in guiding organisations through these critical initial steps and can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.


Quite a few of our customers have tried implementing Salesforce themselves before reaching out to us for help. Whilst it’s fantastic to have someone within your organisation who is empowered to own and look after Salesforce, using a Partner at the start of your Salesforce journey can often prove a worthwhile investment.

What else should I know before buying Salesforce?
  • Try and speak to friends and colleagues at other organisations who have used Salesforce to get insight into their Salesforce journey
  • Have a conversation with your local Salesforce Partner before engaging with Salesforce to get an honest opinion on what your organisation really needs
  • It isn’t possible to downgrade your Salesforce instance i.e., Enterprise to Professional. So, keep things simple at the outset and upgrade when you grow
  • The longer the contract you agree with Salesforce, the more discount you will receive off the list price
  • Organisation culture plays a massive role in the success of Salesforce. Consider including the senior leadership of your organisation as Salesforce users, and make them part of your processes
We want to extend our use of Salesforce to more of our organisation. Can you help?

Absolutely! We always enjoy working with customers who need to expand their Salesforce use beyond their initial use case. Usually, this involves bringing customer service onboard after a successful sales team rollout. Sometimes it’s looking to project management solutions on Salesforce. Whatever you’d like to do with Salesforce next, we’d love to be part of your journey.

We have Salesforce but don’t use it very well. How can we do more with it?

We’ve worked with many organisations that weren’t getting the results they had hoped for from Salesforce. We can help examine your Salesforce use today, work with you to define a roadmap of what you’d like to achieve, and relaunch Salesforce within your organisation.

Can Salesforce help reduce the time we spend manually producing reports every month?

We’ve worked with several customers to use this as the mechanism to relaunch their Salesforce journey. By gathering all of the outputs that they need within their organisation and working backwards to allow Salesforce to produce this information, we dramatically increase the usefulness and adoption of Salesforce.

How can I integrate Salesforce with our finance system?

A CRM system is only as good as the data that it contains. Good data leads to good adoption and better processes. Accessing and integrating data from finance systems is often a great way to provide trusted data to your users and further embed Salesforce within your organisation’s processes.


We’ve worked with several customers to integrate Salesforce with their chosen finance package, often using third-party integration software to make the integration quick and straightforward.

Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland
Cairies Salesforce Implementation Partner Scotland

What Our Customers Say

“Cairies were key in helping our company take the next step to grow and integrating Salesforce into our day to day life. They provide a professional, helpful and friendly service and would highly recommend to anyone looking to start using or to improve their use of Salesforce.”
Ceri Tracey – Analyst
Cairies were instrumental in helping us set up and start using Pardot and expertly guided us through key integrations with Salesforce and our website. They’ve been a valued resource and we couldn’t have launched some strategic projects as efficiently or successfully without them.
Ricky Kealey – Digital Manager
Cairies helped us build and track our business development pipeline so we have better visibility of what is on the horizon. Having expanded our service offering in a short space of time, they have also been instrumental in ensuring our Salesforce CRM reflects our new service offering. They are professional, responsive and helpful and don’t speak in jargon. Highly recommended.
Megan Veronesi – Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Dream Escape customer review
The support that Andrew and Emma gave us when we were setting up Salesforce was invaluable. There was so much for us to learn and their patience with our team was amazing. They would always be available to assist us and took us through everything every step of the way, setting up so many useful templates to enable us to manage our database efficiently. They definitely went the extra mile! Thank you Cairies.
Sue Morris – Head of Marketing
Allergy UK
Emma has been an incredible help in our Pardot integration, providing us with invaluable advice and recommendations throughout. Cairies have worked with us through virtually every step of the integration and been professional and responsive all the way through. The training provided was comprehensive and very informative which has allowed us to roll out our new system seamlessly. We are grateful for Emma’s time and patience in helping us with our system and couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Lauren Gingell – Senior Data Officer
Redmill Group
Cairies helped us to fully automate our workflows and marketing via Salesforce. We have joined all the dots from other internal systems via API calls and integrations making Salesforce our central point of truth for all client, marketing, and financial data and when it works, boy does it work! I’m happy to report that Salesforce is no longer an enigma to us and in fact, is an incredibly insightful and powerful reporting tool but we couldn’t have got there without the support of Andrew and Emma. If you are looking at Salesforce as a Rubik’s cube that you can't solve then I would highly recommend you reach out to Cairies.
David Tait – Director
The team has valued working alongside Emma and Andrew on the implementation of our new salesforce system. They were able to explain more complicated IT jargon in a simple way, which ensured that the process from start to finish was very smooth. They were very responsive to any questions we had and were a joy to work alongside. We hope to work again with them in the future and we would highly recommend them.
Alan Davidson – Chief Executive Officer


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