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Is it time for a Salesforce relaunch?

Are you considering whether Salesforce is still the right tool for your business?


Do you feel like you need to justify your investment in Salesforce and could be getting more out of it? Maybe it is time for a Salesforce relaunch? We offer a consultation service, reviewing your business to understand how best you can use the software to your advantage.


At Cairies, we offer ways to make Salesforce more effective and efficient to ensure you get the most from your investment. We provide a written proposal of recommendations on how to improve your current setup. This includes estimated costs and an approximate timescale to complete them.

Read this case study on how we helped one of our customers IC Select, relaunch Salesforce within their organisation to become an integral part of daily life.

At IC Select, Salesforce had been in place for over ten years. It was primarily used to hold static prospect, client and industry data and was disconnected from their sales process.

The use of Salesforce was mixed. Some users were relatively experienced and comfortable with the software. Others never used it at all.

They knew Salesforce was capable of much more and needed help to understand what it could do for them and to justify their continued investment.

“Cairies were key in helping our company take the next step to grow and integrating Salesforce into our day to day life. They provide a professional, helpful and friendly service. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start using or to improve their use of Salesforce.”

Ceri Tracey – Analyst

If you would like to discuss the most effective use of Salesforce to meet your needs please get in touch.

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